As part of AIB’s commitment to sustainable communities, the AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards recognise and reward schools’ contributions to the social, financial and environmental success of their community.

The awards provide a platform to showcase the endeavours schools are undertaking to inspire and ignite change, such as fundraising, volunteering, activism, mentoring, and more. Importantly, students participating will leverage the skills they have acquired, using them to make a positive impact in the community while learning and developing new skills along the way.

AIB wants to celebrate the skills nurtured through the AIB Future Sparks Programme and beyond and empower schools and students to build sustainable communities through the application of these skills for positive change.

Pictured at the launch of the AIB School Impact Awards, Students from St. Mac Dara’s Community College, Templeogue, Dublin, with Mary Whitelaw, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, AIB.

AIB Future sparks winners

AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards 1st Prize Winner

Trinity Comprehensive Ballymun, Dublin

Congratulations to Trinity Comprehensive School for their outstanding commitment to uniting their community with over 60 diverse projects.

Large Group Financial Award Winner

Colaiste Abhainn Ri, Kilkenny

For their commitment and generosity towards children's health with donations benefiting Oscars Kid’s Club – well done Coláiste Abhainn Rí

Large Group Environmental Award Winner

Colaiste Eamonn Ris, Cork

Well done to Coláiste Éamann Rís for their efforts to enhance local biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

Large Group Social Award Winner

Colaiste Naomh Cormac, Offaly

Congratulations to Coláiste Naomh Cormac for their passion and dedication and to fostering diversity, inclusion, and community spirit.

Judge's Commendation Social Award Winner

St Mac Dara's, Dublin

For their commitment to community care through engaging activities fostering social connections – Well done St. Mac Dara’s Community College.

Small Group Mixed Financial Award Winner

Mitchelstown CBS, Cork

A remarkable accomplishment for Mitchelstown CBS with their impactful "Shave or Dye" fundraiser, in support of the Irish Cancer Society.

Judge's Commendation Social Award Winner

St Joseph's Secondary School,Dublin

Congratulations to St. Joseph’s Secondary School for their exceptional leadership educating the community and trainee teachers on DEI topics.

Senior Small Group Financial Award Winner

Wilson's Hospital School, Westmeath

Well done to Wilson’s Hospital School for their 'Comfort Over Crisis' initiative, raising much needed funds for Mullingar Regional Hospital.

Judge's Commendation Financial Award Winner

St Mary's Diocesan School, Louth

Exceptional work from St Mary’s Diocesan School in their creation of "Drogheda Made Inspiration," a book celebrating local inspirations and raising funds for charity through teamwork and communication.

Senior Small Group Environmental Award Winner

Saint Eunan's College, Donegal

For their commitment to promoting sustainability through idling campaigns and eco-friendly challenges – Outstanding work from Saint Eunan’s College.

Senior Small Group Social Award Winner

Portlaoise College, Laois

Congratulations to Portlaoise College for their dedication to addressing neurodiversity unemployment, the BridgeAbility team launched a fantastic campaign targeting local businesses.

Junior Small Group Financial Award Winner

Colaiste Dún Iascaigh, Tipperary

A remarkable accomplishment from Coláiste Dún Iascaigh in raising funds for the Dillon Quirke Foundation, spreading awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

Junior Small Group Environmental Award Winner

St Mary's Secondary School, Wexford

For their dedication to promoting biodiversity and environmental responsibility – Exceptional work from St. Mary’s Secondary School Wexford.

Junior Small Group Social Award Winner

Coláiste na Ríochta. Kerry

Outstanding work from Coáiste na Ríochta, who showed true leadership and empathy in initiating a kindness project, fostering a culture of giving back.

Senior Individual Financial Award Winner

Sacred Heart Secondary School, Cork

Exceptional work from Lauren Eady in Sacred Heart Secondary School For her commitment and proactive efforts in promoting financial literacy.

Senior Individual Environmental Award Winner

Merlin College, Galway

Congratulations to Jerin Akram for her innovative approach to sustainability, pioneering eco-friendly alternatives.

Senior Individual Social Award Winner

CBS, New Ross

Well done to Michael Ross for his leadership in young men's mental health awareness in this grassroots lead movement.

Why take part?

  • Incredible opportunity for students to utilise their skillsets to make a lasting impact on their community
  • Fosters the development of new skills through engagement in community activities including, but not limited to, interpersonal skills, teamwork, organisation, effective communication, project planning, and efficient time management
  • Instils in young people the importance of selflessness, kindness, and the power of community
  • Play your part in contributing to stronger, thriving communities across Ireland and a more sustainable future for all
  • Showcase your school’s remarkable achievements and receive media coverage and public recognition. It’s a chance to shine and be recognised for the incredible work your students are doing
Grand total of €25,000 up for grabs!
The prize breakdown is as follows:
for the overall winning school
for large groups (30+ students) at Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle
for small groups (2-29 students) at Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle
for individuals (1 student)
Plus various additional prizes
Get Involved!
We know schools are doing outstanding work every single day to contribute to their community so getting involved is easy! To participate, simply register, receive your participation pack and share your experience with us for a chance to be selected as a recipient.

Register Your School: Register today to receive a participation pack containing students’ participation booklet, submission form, school poster, and supporting resources to plan and implement your act of social responsibility.

Identify Your Project: Choose a project that showcases your school’s positive impact on the community based on the three pillars: Environmental, Social, and Financial. Read on for more ideas and examples of what you could do, as well as information on group categories.

Unleash Your Passion: Let your school’s creativity, passion, and altruism shine through as you engage in your chosen activity. Don’t forget to take lots of photos, tag us in social media @aibireland, and enjoy yourself along the way! Anything you have done between January 2023 and March 2024 is eligible.

Prepare Your Submission: Tell us about your school’s activity, how it aligns with the three pillars of a sustainable community, and the skills students and community members used and developed along the way. Read on for top tips from our esteemed judges!

Submit Your Entry: Complete your submission by March 20th 2024 to be in with the opportunity to be considered for the AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards 2024. Submissions are open now!

Entries submitted will be adjudicated by our expert panel of judges. Representatives from shortlisted schools will be invited to attend a Gala Awards Event in Spring 2024.
20th March 2024

What is eligible?

The Awards are shaped around three pillars of sustainable communities:

Any act which contributes to communities in these ways will be considered – think volunteering, fundraising, awareness campaigns, charity drives, activism, mentoring, peer education, skills sharing, and cultural events.

Looking for inspiration?

  • Biodiversity – surveys, pondlife, wildflower planting, insect hotels
  • Conservation – reducing food waste, saving water, composting
  • Reforestation – planting natural trees
  • Innovation – saving energy, climate change initiatives

Looking for inspiration?

  • Cultural diversity – events, mixers
  • Education – mentoring, training, skills sharing
  • Social inclusion – events, campaigns
  • Positive mental health & wellbeing

Looking for inspiration?

  • Financial education – toolkits, workshops, presentations with primary school children, other year groups, parents
  • Fundraising – local and wider campaigns and causes
  • Enterprise – social enterprises contributing to the community
  • Volunteer – as club treasurer, social financial officer, fundraiser

Our Judges’ Top Tips

  • Consider the Pillar: Ensure your activity strongly aligns with the chosen pillar (Environmental, Social, or Financial). Clearly demonstrate how your project addresses the specific pillar’s objectives and contributes to building a sustainable community in this way.
  • What was the impact?: Tell us about the reach and impact of your activity. Provide evidence of how your project has positively influenced your community, whether it’s the number of people involved, the extent of the positive change, or the long-term effects.
  • Demonstrate the skills: Highlight the skills you applied. What skills did you or someone else learn along the way? Did the AIB Future Sparks Programme and its skills-based learning resources help?
  • What’s your ‘X Factor’?: Make your entry stand out with the ‘X Factor’ – that special something that inspires and captivates the judges. Did you do something really unique or special? Share your project’s story with passion and creativity, leaving a lasting impression that motivates others to take action.

About the event

Gala Awards Event

Get ready for an exciting lunchtime celebration in Croke Park, Dublin on 1st May 2024! Our Gala Awards event will honour shortlisted schools with representative principals, teachers, and exceptional students in attendance.
Joining the festivities, AIB local branch representatives will be there to show their support. It's a grand celebration of innovation, community impact, and a bright future ahead. Let's toast to building sustainable communities together!


The competition is open to all ROI post-primary schools with students aged 12-19. All entries must be submitted by a teacher within the school. Schools may enter Individual students, a Small Group (2-29 students), or a Large Group (30+ students).

To register your school, contact the team at or on 01 522 4880 for assistance. Schools must be registered by a teacher or principal. After registering, schools will receive a participation pack containing more information and student resources to support your school along the way to submitting.

If you already have something in mind, submit today!

Anything that contributes to the community is eligible; the more strongly aligned to one of the three pillars (Environmental, Social, and Financial) the better. This could be an environmental initiative, a social programme, or a financial literacy campaign – among others. Find more information and examples here or register to receive a participation pack with supporting materials.

Schools can enter one submission within each of the three categories or ‘pillars’. The three pillars of a sustainable community are: Environmental, Social, and Financial.

The prize breakdown includes €10,000 for the Overall Winning School, €2,000 for Large Groups, €1,000 for Small Groups, €250 for Individuals, plus various additional recognition prizes.

The deadline for submissions is 20th March 2024 but you can submit any time. Submissions are open now, click here.

The submissions will be judged by a panel of experts and professionals in relevant fields, including representatives from AIB, charity and educational organisations. The full panel will be announced later in the year.

AIB is organising the The AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards to celebrate the skills nurtured through the AIB Future Sparks Programme and to empower schools and students to build sustainable communities through positive change. AIB aims to inspire the next generation of changemakers and foster a culture of innovation, responsible citizenship, and contribute towards a sustainable future.

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