Submission Form 2023/24

    This form should be used to submit a school entry for the AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards. The AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards is only available to students currently enrolled in second-level education in the Republic of Ireland, between the ages of 12 and 19. The closing date for submissions is 20th March 2024.


    What you did may apply under more than one of these headings. However, for the purpose of adjudication, only one can be selected.

    Group size (please select only one):*

    Age group:*

    If entering a small group or individual, please include the name of the student(s) involved (Optional)

    Question 1. Tell us about the act of social responsibility that the group participated in this year.*

    Top Tips!

    Describe the what, who, when and where. Tell us why it was important/ why you chose it. How does this activity relate to the pillar you selected above? i.e. Environmental; Financial; Social

    Please note this must have taken place between January 2023 and March 2024.

    Question 2. How did your actions impact you or the community?*

    Top Tips!

    What changed or improved? How many people were impacted? Did someone learn something? Is it still happening or planned to happen again next year?

    Question 3. What did you or others in the community learn from this experience?*

    Top Tips!

    Self-reflect on skills you might have learned along the way. Did you pass on any of these skills or knowledge to other people? Did you overcome challenges and what did you learn from that? Did the skills you learned through AIB Future Sparks help you along this journey?

    Question 4. Is there anything else you would like to tell us? (Optional)

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    Any information provided by you in this submission form is required for the purpose of administering the AIB Future Sparks School Awards and AIB Future Sparks Programme, and will be retained and used solely for this purpose. If you choose not to provide this information, your application to participate in the AIB Future Sparks School Awards cannot proceed. We share your information with Real Event Management Ltd T/A Real Nation to manage the AIB Future Sparks Programme. Your information will be stored for a period of one year after the AIB Future Sparks Programme has completed. For further information on data protection at AIB (including your rights) visit our website at dataprotection.

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